A Spoonful of Flowers...

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I can't remember where I first heard of Spoonflower, but now that I have I'm determined to design and print something of my own. It's such a brilliant idea! In case you don't know, Spoonflower is a new site/service which allows you to upload your own fabric designs and have it printed.

I am very particular about my choice in patterns - they have to be 'just right' - which is why I tend to stay away from them altogether. Now, I can get exactly what I want, I can broaden my decorating scope - the only limit is me!

I've spent most of the day practicing/learning how to use Illustrator. It seems that all the ideas I have involve learning complicated procedures and I'm still trying to get my head around the basic ones. I'll let you all know if I upload anything interesting - until then there is some really good stuff from other people up there. Check it out.

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  1. This has got me thinking again.... i'm very fabric fussy too and take ages finding the right pattern. It's so frustrating!