3 Days of Peace & Music

23:24:00 MoonDoggie 4 Comments

I've been wanting this Woodstock festival poster for a while but have only found it in the UK without the bands listed. Until now...

I've found it cheap (under £10) but I think it needs a white frame and mount to make it look even more fabulous. The poster is A2 size but does this mean I need to order a larger frame so I can fit the mount in as well? If anyone can help me with this, I'd be grateful.

I so wish I could have been at Woodstock in '69. When I've attended music festivals, I've found myself imagining/pretending that I'm actually there and surrounded by all the weird and wonderful people the event brought together. Sounds a bit pathetic now I write that but so what?

Peace, love and mungbeads!


  1. I've often wished i'd been able to go to woodstock, the 60's in general seem so happy, so free and so appealing!

    Definitely white frame and i would buy it larger than A2, i usually get the print first then go to Ikea and chose the best frame :)

  2. Okay, this must be why Ikea frames don't fit my stuff. You use a completely different size system! I have no idea what A2 means. We just use 8"x10", 12"x14" etc.

  3. Uh...and very cool poster, by the way. I actually think I may have been at Woodstock in my previous life (though that would be a bit difficult since I was born in '68! ^-^)

  4. Biba com'on ... the 60's in general seem so happy, so free and so appealing? I wasn't at Woodstock either. I was drafted and headed for boot camp on September 15, 1969 en route to Vietnam. Tens of thousands of young men were fleeing to Canada. Woodstock music was played loudly during firefights to spook the Vietcong. And oh, BTW, as a side note, I was sitting in a defensive position of the Cambodian border when the Kent Stae killings took place. I graduated from Kent Stae on june 7, 1969. Just some food for your Woodstock thoughts.