The Art of Tiki

18:45:00 MoonDoggie 4 Comments

My very talented husband painted me a tiki picture! I love it. It goes with another blue version of the squid he had painted previously. I'm going to hang them over our aquarium.

I've included a close up because I adore the expression on the squid's face, if you can call it that.

In other tiki news, I bought my first tiki today. Found it in a local charity shop and was very surprised to see it there. It's a bit worse for wear so I'm going to put my pens and things in it. And so it begins...


  1. WOWEE! Your husband IS talented! Does he know that tiki art is hot and he could make a bundle?? Now I want one of his paintings, too! What else does he do?

    Love your new tiki!

  2. I'm glad you like it - I'm really proud.
    Well I try to tell him - he's not exactly a tiki fan and thinks I'm a bit nuts right now.
    I'm sure something can be arranged...he's dead chuffed you like it - that means pleased btw ;)
    He really just paints his own bizarre creations and is honing his craft but he'd like to turn it into some kind of money earner.

  3. This is such a cool painting :)

  4. Oh, I know all about the Brit-speak! I'm an anglophile from waaay back (brought up on Masterpiece Theater and Mystery and all that).

    Keep encouraging your hubby - he's got talent!

    I just gave you a somewhat-dorky-American-style blog award (take it or leave it as you like, no hurt feelings here!). You can check it out at

    And I swear I'm going to the post office tomorrow with your surprise!