I Do So Like Green Eggs And Ham

22:15:00 MoonDoggie 3 Comments

In honour of the wonderful Dr Seuss' birthday, I went searching for Seuss related art and memorabilia. I would LUUUUUURVE this original Sam I Am artwork and print - if you have US $650 handy, feel free to buy the set for me from www.drseussart.com.

Or perhaps you'd prefer to present me with this vintage lunch box, available from
Gasoline Alley Antiques. It's gorgeous all over.


  1. Oh, I agree! I'd take them all! I've always been a Seuss fan, and I'm glad to see your post. Just want to point out, too, that yours is one of the only ones I've seen in the last two days with Seuss spelled correctly!

  2. Yay me! I'm a stickler for spelling.
    Now that I've said that I'll probably post loads of errors!

  3. Looking at the art work it came to me.. I know an artist that may be able to do something for you called Dave! they are advitising for artist too on brimstone fine art!