Orla Or Bust

19:59:00 MoonDoggie 2 Comments

Retro To Go's post about Orla Kiely's tea caddie (apparently limited edition) showed up in my reading list today. I thought it looked cool so stopped by the website for a look.
Said tea caddie:
I love splashes of colour on a white background. My wedding stationery had a similar feel to it (coloured stripes on white).

I like this duvet cover. Funnily enough, it's extremely similar to my new set from ikea - I'll let you guess which was cheaper.


It's a bit hard to see the print so I took a close up picture. Similar, non? I've added some white, pillows to break the pattern up a bit.


  1. That wood bed is awesome. I really like it with that shaggish carpet.

  2. Hey twin! I have the same duvet from Ikea! (Jorun i think?) and i love it :)

    That Orla bed pic is sooooo gorgeous.