Twittering On

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After hearing a lot about 'twitter', I opened up an account a while ago and basically left it. This was mostly due to the fact that none of my friends are particularly technically minded. Well, some are, but they're not on twitter. I've now decided to give it another go.

I've also decided to add a little 'find me' box to the left side bar to help me keep track of myself!

My online presence has increased dramatically over the past few months - I used to always be a bit of a lurker but now I seem to be putting my two pennies worth in all over the place! I love getting comments so I figured other people must too. I've been watching my 'followers' slowly grow and I seem to have gained a few loyal 'moondoggers'. Thanks guys - your comments are important to me and its nice to know someone's listening. :)

If you are currently lurking, I urge you to step out of the shadows and join in - it's fun!

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  1. Yeah, you're right, it sure is fun!!

    See you (occasionally) on Twitter!