Etsy Betsy Spider VII

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I know it's only been a couple of days since the last Etsy Betsy Spider post but I had a hankering for some plate designs.
I came across a gorgeous set of plates in a charity shop around the same time I started this blog. It was a funky, atomic style pattern but I let it go, partly due to space issues, and partly because I'd seen a lot of cool things and thought I'd leave it til the next weekend. By the next weekend, most of the said cool things had been snapped up. I even found a couple of pieces I was looking at in a nearby antiques centre. I still have pangs of regret about this set so now I'm constantly on the look out for funky dinnerware (especially since my current set is on it's way out).


  1. I like the design that's fourth up from the bottom. Sixth up looks great against the pink background, so I guess you'd have to have a pink table cloth!
    Are these things that you are seriously considering purchasing or are you just sharing them because you thought they were neat?

  2. Just sharing because I thought they were neat really. If I could buy all the stuff I wanted, I'd have nowhere to put any of it!

    It would be a bit too time consuming to link to all the shops but they're relatively easy to find through etsy's search feature. If anyone likes anything I show here on MoonDoggie but can't locate it - let me know and I'll help you out.

  3. You have phenomenal taste, these are all so gorgeous!! I had a plate like the one in the fourth row, but a certain un-named teenager in my house did a hat dance on it in his room...that was a sad day indeed...

    Love your blog!

  4. Aww... thanks for the compliment and thanks for commenting! :D
    Sorry to hear about your plate.
    That is one thing I worry about using vintage things - it's bound to hurt more if they get damaged.

  5. I love them all! I find a lot of cool things when hunting estates sales and thrift shops, but I never find good 60's dinnerware. Perhaps I just don't get up early enough on Saturdays and miss out on it.