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I've been eyeing this one off for a long time and finally bought it against the wishes of my ever suffering husband. I can understand his concerns. At first I thought this cushion cover was garish, loud and tacky. Then I realised that's what I like about it!

It has tikis. It has hula girls. It has retro style flowers. I kept thinking about this fabric, watching it on ebay and finally decided tonight that if it's had this much of an impact on me I should get it - at least for fun's sake. Dave begged me not too and has threatened to burn it. I'll take my chances. I heard him say to someone the other day that he thinks it's just a phase but I think tiki is here to stay - at least in my heart!

Buy one for yourself on ebay :)


  1. A new word - tikitsch - I love it! Sums it all up, really. Garish, loud, tacky - what's not to love? Is your husband an ole fuddy-duddy or what? He sure doesn't seem that way from his art....

    The tiki "phenomenon" or craze or whatever has come and gone at least twice in modern history, but believe me, the real aficionados who've invested lots of time and money, don't see it as a passing design trend. I think it kind of represents nostalgia for the time of the first tiki craze and also for our longing to be somewhere tropical and carefree. And what's wrong with that?

    So, where are you going to put it?!

  2. Just threaten to put that cushion cover over your husband's head, if he doesn't stop being so negative! Girls just wanna have fun, and that design is certainly FUN! It exemplifies everything I like about "kitsch".

  3. Ha ha - he's not usually such a fuddy duddy - just got something against this sweet little cushion.

    He'll be fine but I'm not gonna tell him I got it - I'm going to surprise him with it instead. It'll be displayed proudly on my sofa when he walks in. :D

  4. I LOVE THIS FABRIC!!! I found it when look for apron fabric for a friend and I wanted to buy it SO BAD!!! I choreographed a show that was island themed, so I bought a crap ton of it on ebay, then made 20 or so make up bags for everyone in the cast. I ended up having way too much left over and I made a dress out of it! It's so glorious! I'll post pictures soon!