Googie Queen

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One of my twitter buddies, scraparcs, sent me a link to this photo of an A frame building in Phoenix. I wanted to share it because not only is it a fabulous building but the roof reminds me of the English Googie restaurant I blogged about before.

The more I look at this building, the more I like it. I love the asymmetrical slope over the windows and of course the stonework.

AgilityNut's website informs me that it was apparently part of a 'tiki strip mall' - oh how I'd love to see one of those! It was most recently a car rental place but before that it was a Dairy Queen. Now, I'm still not exactly sure what a Dairy Queen is but I've certainly heard of them before (in American movies, etc.). I always thought they were some kind of ice cream parlour but I'm sure my American friends can tell me.

Leaky_tiki has more photos on his flickr and seems to think it was originally a sales centre for some condos/flats nearby.

I'd love to know its original purpose.

I hope it can be reincarnated as another business soon to stop it sliding into decay.


  1. Yes! Dairy Queen is a delicious ice cream parlor... not sure you'd call it a parlor though, most don't have anywhere to sit down. It's more of a ... dairy hut, where you go and buy the ice cream and sit down outside to eat it. Lovely in the summertime =P

  2. Here is some info & photos of Dairy Queens:

  3. Thanks Amandasaurus - got it now. :)

    And thankyou roadsidenut (I linked to page 1 in the post).

  4. Wow, I can't remember the last time I had something from a Dairy Queen, haha. The building kinda looks like a spaceship, at least to me. :) I'm with you on the slanted windows! Odd shapes are always fun!