Stenger in Austin

12:41:00 MoonDoggie 2 Comments

A couple of days ago, Retro-luxe posted a picture of this beautiful A. D. Stenger home on their blog.

It makes me sad that I'll probably never live in a house like this unless I move to America (which I don't think is on the cards). They just didn't seem to build any houses like these in England.

Here is a 'before' picture of the same house on Chuck Voetler's flickr photostream where he documents the restoration/remodelling of this beauty. What a difference removing the 'boxed in' carport made.

I managed to find Googie in England so I'll keep looking but I've certainly not seen anything like this around here - sob.


  1. Beautiful! Love the V-shaped window and that gorgeous rock facade!

    Keep the faith - you might just find the house of your dreams yet!

  2. Reminds me of my childhood neighbourhood!