A Mini Kombi?

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Motor Haus on flickr

Today, Dave and I went to a nearby garden/aquatic centre to buy some more fish. On the way out, we saw a funky little mini campervan! It looked almost as if the front and back were squished together, cartoon style, to fit into a parking space.

image via McCafferty's Pub

Campervan, Kombi Van, Micro Bus - known by various names around the world, this motor design from the mid century is classic but I had never seen one like this. So, when I got home, I went online to investigate and found that information on this mini version is pretty thin on the ground. According to McCafferty's Pub, Volkswagen themselves know nothing about this vehicle. If anyone out there is any the wiser, please let me know.
I managed to find the above images for demonstration purposes, but the one I saw was green.
Here's a vintage VW ad for size/dimension comparison:

luxuryluke on flickr


  1. oh that is super cute! I've never seen anything like it before!

  2. Those are adorable! I still want the big VW Camper Van version. One day...

  3. Those are really cute! They've gotta be custom jobs, haven't they?

  4. This is really lovely. Another miniature VW I have seen is posted here


  5. You know i love my vw campers but i've never seen one of these before! It's so cute and... squished ;)