Pod Life

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A glimpse of my ideal home... If it weren't for the decay... and the ruin... and the fact they have never been inhabitable.

On the north coast of Taiwan, there is an abandoned resort complex that looked like it could have been amazing.

Information about this resort varies (in english) but the legend goes that several people died whilst constructing these pods.
Apparently there were problems with the building materials (the word plastic was mentioned) and the project was abandoned. The locals believe it to be haunted and it certainly does look spooky in its derelict state, but how I wish it had worked out.

Sadly, they were torn down a year ago. I wish I was an architect so I could redesign these things and live in one myself. Even in their derelict state, they are still things of beauty and awe. Surely there's still a market for this kind of thing?

Find out more here and more pics here and here.

The last picture gives me a taste of what the view could have been like from my window... sitting on my saarinen furniture... thinking about taking a dip in the pool...


  1. I remember reading about this a few years ago. I'm gutted to learn that these pods are now destroyed.

  2. What?! I'm sad now. These were so unbelievably cool. I've never seen anything like them, and would bet I won't again anytime soon. :(