Red and Orange

20:27:00 MoonDoggie 2 Comments

I've been quite attracted to the combination of red and orange lately.
Here are some things that took my fancy:

Carlton Ware money box

Jenn Ski print

Thomas Rosenthal plate

Thomas Rosenthal coffee set

Ikea Gunvor fabric

Daisy sauce pot

Daisy mug

Mini cream pitchers

Friendship pattern pyrex

(sorry, link lost - please contact me if you own this image)


  1. I too am in love with orange and red. The affair started with red and orange is creeping in all around. Lovely collection of images.

  2. Loving the orange too, I saw a programe called gift me, and the house they were in you would have loved, they had splashes of colour/retro things but not too much,my fav was an orange throw/blanket on the bed it was lush.