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Whilst looking for information about the bull pitcher in my last post, I came across some more work by the designer, Kaj Franck. Franck was a leading Finnish designer throughout the mid century (and beyond).
There is even a 'Kaj Franck Design Prize' which is "awarded to a designer or team of designers working in the spirit of the late Kaj Franck".
These are some of my favourites:
allerleirau on flickr
studiosmith on flickr
txk on flickr

Now, as I write this post, I'm not completely sure whether all the patterns were designed by Franck or if it was just the form. I know the form of the cup and saucers in the last set was by Franck but the pattern was by Raija Uosikkenen. The lights, on the other hand, were a Fog Morup design but the pattern was Franck. I love the pattern AND form on all these pieces but if anyone has any information, please let me know.


  1. I found this blog: http://pastpresentsshop.blogspot.com/2008/07/kaj-franck-for-arabia.html (which I am now following!) and also this: http://www.kaj-franck.com/. He was more about form I think (form follows function...)

  2. Hi Moonie! Thanks for commenting on my blog. You have no idea how much I like and appreciate that. About James Bond, I think it's in the bullet holes in Fertility...hahaha I don't really know where it is because I don't plan my pieces, the "paint" themselves, but I'm sure the influence should be in the colour scheme, specially the brown and the shape of the ovarium/teardrop evokes the misterious smoke coming from the guns after shooting. I know, it's funny....See you around !

  3. so pretty, i love the work from Kaj
    not easy to find here

  4. Kaj is an amazing designer! I love everything I've seen made by Arabia in the 1960's. I dream of a kitchen full of Scandinavian modern, but it's so hard to find in my area. I came across a fantastic set of mid-century Finel dinnerware at a local antique mall that I would love to have used for my everyday dinnerware & serving pieces, and although it was priced pretty well for what it was, I still didn't have the $325 to buy it. :( Those cups and plates in the last picture are absolutely gorgeous, I've never seen that pattern before!

  5. Omg - I need all of that stuff! So very cool.


  6. I have the one at the top:-)