Tiki Tiki Tokyo

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Now that I've had a chance to look through my holiday snaps I thought I'd share some.

While on our travels, we stopped over in Japan. I used to live in Tokyo and still miss being there at times. Still infected with Tiki Fever, I did a bit of research and discovered there were a few tiki bars over there. I was only able to fit in one, the Tiki Tiki, and it was fabulous.

We had a lot of trouble finding this place so make sure you draw a map if you ever decide to go. Here is the view from it's fourth floor location in Shinjuku:

While we were being shown to our seats, all the employees shouted 'Aloha!' as we walked past. There was so much more to this place but I forgot to take photos of the bar and luau areas.

High back rattan chairs and shell lamps - yes!

My first drink of the evening was a pina colada. Spectacularly presented, this was the best pina colada I have ever had in my life so far:

Regulars to this blog will know that this is a first... Behold! A picture of MoonDoggie herself!

I desperately wanted one of these mugs to take home but they had sold out! I asked three times and hinted at taking a used one instead - no dice. The really frustrating thing was as we were being seated, I saw someone receive a neatly wrapped package of what must have been the last one.

Here are some of the other drinks we sampled.

I really loved how they used a lot of mugs. The lack of tiki mugs was something that disappointed me when I visited Trader Vic's in London. At the Tiki Tiki, even drinks in normal glasses were beautifully presented (you can catch a glimpse of such a drink in the pina colada shot above).

After a live show with hula dancing girls (!) and a number of yummy cocktails in our bellies, we stumbled out of the Tiki Tiki. While waiting for the elevator, we got to chatting with this friendly, albeit a bit creepy tiki (his eyes moved).
Unfortunately, he spoke only Japanese and to me it was a bit like having a conversation with a drive thru speaker box so we said our goodbyes and went back to the hotel. I thoroughly recommend this place to any Tikiphile.

If you want to know more about the Tiki Tiki, try here.


  1. Oh. My. Stars!
    You actually posted a photo of yourself?! WOW!It's a real cute shot, too. So, in my opinion, you picked a good one for your blog-O-sphere reveal. And it's quite nice to finally see the face behind MoonDoggie! Or should I say the face "in front of" MoonDoggie? ;)

    Btw, Tiki Tiki totally looks like you're dining in the ACTUAL Disneyland Tiki Room attraction(minus all of the singing birds, of course)! There was even a talking tiki totem, for cryin' out loud! All of it MUST have been a total blast.

    I can't remember, have you shared a photo of Ebbo with us before? Sans any kind of disguise?

  2. Why, thankyou sir! :D
    I am DESPERATE to go to the Disneyland Tiki room so it's good to know it's very similar.
    You know, I don't think I have shared a picture of Ebbo before. I thought there may be one of him painting (which he hasn't had much time to do for ages) in an earlier post. I'll see what I can do but I'll have to ask his permission first (darn it).

  3. Put this number into Ebay! 220576417786

  4. I've just come across this glass on Ebay! 360246589731