Mod Oz

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Feast your eyes on this modern beauty:

Situated in Eltham, Victoria, Australia - it looks like a modernist dream. I for one, would love a house like this (then again I'd take any house right now).

This interior shot is a little disappointing but I'm sure with some mid century furniture thrown in it can be restored to former glory.

You can see more pictures on Modernist Australia or own it for just under 1.5 million Australian dollars. Bargain.


  1. Houses like this are painful to look at. Why? Because I know I'll never have one or one this cool. I hope that wasn't rude. Just jealous.

  2. Not rude at all. I know how you feel -
    But never say never!

  3. Wow, how could anyone own a house like this and NOT furnish it with appropriate mid-century goodness?! Boggles the mind...