THE Party

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I finally got around to seeing the 1968 Peter Sellers movie, 'The Party'. It was a bit of a giggle but definitely a feast for the mod lover's eyes. There's a lot of talk about the spectacular house used in the movie, but not so many pictures so I thought I'd provide a few.
Here is the best picture I can get of the exterior (apparently an actual location whereas the interior was built at a soundstage):

The entrance is quite awesome. Double doors open onto an indoor waterfall/stream with a paved bridge. This stream runs through the house and is incorporated into the pool outside.

The first shot you get of my favourite area of the house - the open fireplace surrounded by a circular sofa in a sunken floor. This place was made for parties!

The bar area:Some cool mid century wall art and another fireplace.

The view from inside over the pool area:

Some views from outside:

The bathroom before 'the incident'. I really like the idea of the little garden in the corner.

And what party isn't complete without a painted elephant? Those crazy kids...

If there was ever an ultimate party pad then this was it.

Birdie Num Num!


  1. That movie is so funny. I love the house in of the ultimate 60's party pads!

  2. Oh, I absolutely LOVE this film!
    I even own the DVD.
    Peter Sellers' Indian accent may be considered politically incorrect by today's standards, but it sure makes ME laugh! Not to mention his clumsiness!

    And I, too, really dig the wild interior. The pool and the sunken "Party Pit" (Love all those multi-colored pillows!) are definitely the coolest features of the house. Although, come to think of it, wasn't there some kind of neat automated bar that came out of a wall at the touch of a button? ...A button that should NOT have been pushed... Oh, and isn't there a sequence where they're trying to wash paint off of the the baby elephant IN THE POOL that results in tons of soap bubbles everywhere? Or am I just remembering an old episode of 'The Brady Bunch'?

    It has certainly been waaay too long since I last watched the film. Unfortunately, Tommy doesn't appreciate, or "get it", like I do. It's too bad that you and I don't live closer to each other because I think we might have a total blast watching it together! :)

  3. I have to add this. I think I've heard of it actually.

  4. Yep, Anthony, all those things happened in this movie.
    I was sharing some of the best bits with Dave when he came home and I seemed to find things even funnier. Watching it with you would be 'outtasight' (my phrase of the day).

  5. Ha,ha!
    I completely forgot about Peter Sellers being in "brown face" for the role! Talk about politically incorrect!... I seriously doubt this film would be done the same, if made today. Let's hope that Hollywood doesn't get any ideas for a re-make. They couldn't do it justice!

  6. This is a great film, and I'd forgotten how awesome the sets are!

  7. Thanks for commenting guys and gals - yes the house is the ultimate in swank.

    I heard a nasty rumour that a remake is being/has been considered and the hero will still go 'brown face' but in the hopes of getting an acting role!

    I really think this movie could only be set in the late 60s so let's all cross fingers that a remake DOESN'T happen.

  8. Gah - I haven't seen this, but I'm adding to my Netflix queue just for the sets alone. Wow!