Stella-r Design

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I feel I should clarify something.

I'm aware that my last post about minimalism can seem a bit at odds with this blog which often features things I'm lusting after. However, in some ways I feel posting such things on here actually stops me from buying them. It's almost as if I can log it and forget about it. If it turns out to be something I REALLY want, I can find it again easily (my wishpot works in much the same way).

There is also the simple appreciation of beauty, good design and mid century style. There are things I really like that I would never buy as they wouldn't really fit the style of my home (even if I could afford them). Looking at such images can make me feel that little bit more creative.

It is in this vein that I present to you, Michelle Mason's Stella design:
'Stella' is made of felt and available as a colourful table centrepiece (above) or a much larger rug (below).

There is a picture of a squared (or rectangular) piece on the Michelle Mason website but it doesn't seem available at this time.