I Read the News Today, Oh Boy...

22:34:00 MoonDoggie 5 Comments

I just heard that John Lennon's scrawled handwritten lyrics for 'A Day in the Life' sold for $1.2 million (over £810,000)!  I like the song, but not THAT much.  The haunting song (well, I find it haunting) was the final track on the Sergeant Pepper album released in 1967.  Who are these people that can spend that much money on what is effectively an old piece of paper with writing on it?

I love to turn you on...


  1. Hey I'm still appalled at the Halloween stickers that sold for $1,100 US lol...

    I suppose there are those who also buy for investment reasons.

    But I can't imagine spending that much on any one thing.

  2. That really IS mad!
    I just read my post back and it seems like I was a bit sarky. Didn't mean it to come out like that - just a bit surprised I think :)

  3. That's my fave Beatles song of all time...but wow, that is still intense.

  4. Not to get too deep here, but you're not buying the piece of paper, you're buying the moment that song coalesced out of the ether. Millions of people have heard the song, but at one time, it was just that piece of paper with those words written upon it.

  5. True, Tom, true.
    People have their reasons :)