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I may be a bit late to this party but I've just found Heal's Calyx range.  Designed by Lucienne Day, this 1951 pattern is being reprinted in teal and grey for a variety of items.  I'm particularly interested in the curtains (as an alternative to finding good quality vintage) but this range doesn't seem available on the Heal's website anymore.

You can still find it in their 2010 Furniture brochure though which can be viewed online.


  1. LOVE this pattern, it looks great on the furniture!

  2. For some reason the design reminds me of the opening to My Three Sons or Catch Me if You Can.

  3. I like the repro fabrics, I only wish they'd make more that were copies of vintage fabrics (most are not, most are modern interpretations), and most cost MORE than authentic vintage).

    Oh and congrats on your award yesterday!

  4. I really don't know why there isn't more repro fabrics - someone would make a killing. I also don't tend to like the modern interpretations as much.