Wonderful Copenhagen

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Anyone notice I'd been missing?
We just got back from Copenhagen last night and we had a wonderful time!

I'll post again later after I've finished unpacking and sorting out pics but I wanted to share this fabulous vintage poster that I saw treading the streets of Copenhagen. I deliberated buying it but it would have been difficult to get it home so I let it go. 

Now I'm home, I've discovered its quite a famous image with a cute story attached.  In 1959, a family of ducks started crossing the road.  A quick thinking policeman held the traffic so they could make their way across safely. A photographer managed to snap some pics which ended up in a lot of newspapers and the event has been celebrated ever since.  I haven't been able to find one of the original photographs yet but the event was commemorated in the above poster by artist, Viggo Vagnby.

I thought I'd throw in this other duck related poster by Vagnby as it reminds me of my prized ceramic wall ducks which I've just remembered I still haven't posted a picture of yet - oops!