Enamoured with Enamel

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It's 3am and you can't sleep because you're ill.
What do you do?
Well for some reason, if you're me, you search eBay and Etsy for enamelware.

Some of my Etsy finds:

Spot a theme?

Some of my UK eBay finds (most ending soon so be quick):

Chickens AND flowers!

Big Green Pot

Orange and White casserole pan

A larger blue version

My personal favourite (beside the chicken and flowers combo) were these Cathrineholm fondue pieces from an international seller:

Cathrineholm fondue

So glorious and ROUND and only $9.99 ($45 to ship to UK!).  However, I'm not sure how it would 'work' without its stand that you can see in this picture:


Tandem Antiques and Design
I will not be buying any of these pieces (self imposed spending hiatus) so feel free to bid away.


  1. I'm enamoured now too!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am also on a spending hiatus (it's not going too well) - if I weren't, I would definitely be tempted by the orange pot with flowered lid!

  2. ohhh i love these fab designs and fab colours. lucky you ;-)) Dee