Snow Business

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A beach near Bristol covered in snow
(that's the pier on the right)
via SFGate

I'm due to fly to New York on Thursday.
If you're not in the UK, you may not have heard that Heathrow has been crippled by the snow (we can't get away from that news here).

I was to due to fly from Heathrow.
But you know what? I'm hopeful. 

We've booked a hotel near Heathrow for the night before because the M25 (the motorway we need to get there) is a nightmare at the best of times.  Despite the fact the sods doubled their room price while I considered the best option,  I'm looking at it like an extra day of holiday.

There's still a chance the flight will be cancelled but luckily it's not a trip home for Christmas where our absence would disappoint others.  I'm figuring we will at least get our money back and the plan is that our holiday will then become a trip to nearby Windsor Castle.

Best of luck with all your travel plans


  1. Good luck! We are getting pounded by rain here on the west side of the US, hope your plans pull through!

  2. good luck with getting where you need to be. I hope you have a lovely christmas, Dee x

  3. I'll keep my fingers crossed you get to fly out :-)

  4. Good luck and happy holidays to you!