LEt's GO Tiki

16:16:00 MoonDoggie 4 Comments

I currently have guests so this will be a very quick one.  I wanted to share this lego tiki bar some creative person has made. It even lights up at night.

As brilliant as it is, if this tiki god's eyes lit up it would be spectacular!


  1. My SIL keeps saying he's going to do a tiki rumpus room, but he hasn't made a move. Maybe he can make a Lego one for the older grandson and get inspired. :)

  2. That is tiki-licious!
    Too bad Lego doesn't sell it as a set.

  3. That is, like, a total ripoff of the Hannah Montana Surf Shop Hangout! I mean, like, HER tiki lights light up, too. Unfortunately, she doesn't have a Tiki, although maybe that would have been some kind of a copyright infringement of the talking tiki at Disneyland. In any event, the Lego tiki is AWESOME!