Heads Up!

11:12:00 MoonDoggie 4 Comments

Usually there's nothing but a load of crap on ebay - sorry, but it's true. Other times there are things that almost break my heart when I know I can not have them.

These headboards are one of those things. Only £20 for two of them, apparently in great condition but I live nowhere near Blackpool and so they can not be mine.

They're ORANGE people, ORANGE!

Buy them on ebay - but hurry, only 2 hours left (at time of posting).


  1. I was remembering I used to have a white vinyl headboard when I was a kid.

    Damn, too bad these are too far away from you! I can't tell you haw many piece of furniture I drooled over and had to pass on, because freight shipping is far too costly!

  2. I hear ya! I was even considering freight but the seller will only do pick up :(

  3. Those are too cool...and the auction ended with no bids? Unbelievable! Maybe now the owner would reconsider sending them to you if he needs to sell.

  4. Maybe... but I shudder to think what the postage might be.