Not My Bag

21:34:00 MoonDoggie 5 Comments

Waaah! Why does all the good stuff have to be so far away?

I love this bag!  It's so very Brady and would be a perfect place for me to put my wool which is currently stored in a very unstylish paper bag in the corner of my living room.  Unfortunately, the cost to send it from Canada to England is exorbitant - $78 - nearly 3 times the price of the bag!

I should add this is not the fault of the seller, The Vintage Cabin, who was sympathetic about the whole thing.

Since I can't have it, I'd rather someone I knew could benefit from its beauty (yes, I know it's not to everyone's tastes).


  1. That is seriously adorable! (I "get" high shipping prices are unavoidable with certain things, but 78 bucks seems a little high!)

  2. Awww, what a shame that shipping is so much. That bag is so very 70s, and it would be perfect for yarn. I hope you find something just as cute close to home.

  3. !!!

    Why is shipping so expensive??

    I see things like this all the time on eBay US. They sell for cheap because 70's collectables are not that popular right now (time to snap things up!).

    Damn, there's no way the postal people can charge less?? Sucks!

    Move to Palm Springs and just live here and buy this stuff! =D

  4. Talk about "daisy fan-tazy"!
    Such a total bummer you can't get it.
    I feel your pain... :(

  5. Thanks for the sympathy, folks.

    Unfortunately, 1950s and Dana, quality 70s (or 60s) stuff is EXTREMELY hard to come across here and when you do come across pieces, they tend to be stupid high prices (the bidding on ebay seems silly to me - I think it's online vintage shops snapping up the goods - I've seen stuff I was bidding on come up on these sites soon after)