Royal Ruminations

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Prince Charles driving his Aston Martin in 1971

The Royal Nuptials have now taken place and I thought they were 'swell'.  There were even a couple of mid century touches. 

I think the coolest moment was when Wills drove himself and Kate off to Clarence House in a vintage Aston Martin.  The blue DB6 is owned by his father, Prince Charles who received it as a 21st birthday gift from his mum, the Queen.  Apparently, Charles had it converted to run on wine wastage in 2008.  I ADORE the picture of our future king above - he looks so happy.

Kate and Wills leave Buckingham Palace for Clarence House

Diana on the car in 1987
 I also like that Kate's dress seems inspired by the one Grace Kelly wore in 1956. Go Mid Century vibe!

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Now, pass me another cocktail while I celebrate the public holiday Royal Wedding.


  1. Kate's dress is perfection. Yes it's very classic mid century but also modern and chic at the same time. I've been swooning about it all day. Enjoy your holiday!

  2. Yes, her dress is so tasteful and beautiful. I must be the only person on earth who didn't watch the event!

  3. I didn't manage to catch the wedding, but the pictures looked beautiful!!!
    2 words. Kate's. Dress.

    Belly B