Sofa - Sogood (so sorry!)

12:57:00 MoonDoggie 4 Comments

K, I know you guys have been due an update and you've been very patient with me.  We are set to move in to our new flat on Saturday and have been busy gathering our nuts.
Last week we bought a new super-king bed - aaaah, I drool just thinking about it - and this weekend we finally bought a new sofa.  The old one is no good to anyone!  The one we chose, isn't as mod as I was hoping for but it's really comfy and we got a great deal on it.

I was planning on a charcoal grey one, as close to this one (from as possible:

Instead, we got the cream/natural one in the first pic with the matching footstool to make our own makeshift corner sofa (from FurnitureVillage)
I also came across a reproduction ball chair and the fever is back.  We're trying to decide on colours or else I would've ordered it on the spot.  More about that later...

Please be patient with me, MoonDoggers...


  1. How exciting! Can't wait to see it in your flat. I long for a new sofa but our two cats use our current one as a scratching post. It was a thrift store find so I don't worry too much about it, but if I had a new sofa, the cats would have to be banned from our house. I don't think that will happen anytime soon.

  2. Buying new furniture for a move is always so much fun. I love that clean slate feeling. Be sure to take lots of pictures after you get moved in. The new sofa is very elegant!

  3. A couch. My queendom for a couch!

    Lucky you, I'll be getting one soon. A new "retro" styled one, I'm sure, as I'll never find a true vintage in the style, color, cleanliness and price I want lol...

  4. i believe i have said this many times before, i will say it again, i officially hate you out of jealousy :) i LOVE LOVE LOVE your style and want want want this couch! i will have to go check out that website. i hate how the cutest, modest furniture is always so pricey.