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How adorable is this stuffed daschund?  My birthday is coming up and I've put my order in.
"But where would you put it?" my husband cries... 
"Anywhere and everywhere..." I reply.

This li'l doggie by Alice Apple may be completely unnecessary but every time I see him he makes my heart leap.
Fingers crossed, he will be mine.

These cute little guys are available in other patterns too from Alice Apple's etsy shop

Have you ever wanted something you know you don't need and shouldn't have?  What am I thinking? Of course, you have!  So tell me what your latest unnecessary want is and feel free to link!

 PS - I'm finally re-homed after what I have dubbed the worst move ever.  I promise to give details eventually.


  1. How cute! The grownup version of the "autograph hound" of my youth. :)

  2. Yep, the Autograph dog lol.

    My latest "gotta have it" purchase was the RCA Victor Vibra radio I just got. Do I need it? Not really. Is display space at a premium? Of course. But I just *had* to have it, so I will make room for it! :)

    Thanks to blogs like yours. I have a new found appreciation for the 60's-70's stuff, and my "new" radio is one of them.

  3. Sorry your move was so bad! Hope you are getting settled now... There are always lots of things I want and don't need, large amounts of them to be found on eBay in the retro porcelain and glass section...

  4. Hope you are settling in okay now! I want to real sausage dogs. I've even got names for them! James & Paul! Sadly I just do not have the right kind of lifestyle for dogs so these pretty stuffed ones, maybe as close as I get. Perhaps I could put them on wheels!

  5. Hope you are all settled in by now - moving is not fun, I know!

    As for things I want that I don't need...where to start? When I was a weird teen I really wanted the little Victorian pipe organ in an antique store my parents used to go to. Like REALLY wanted it, even though let's face it, even a little pipe organ is too big (um, and expensive) especially if you live in an apartment.

    And I've always wanted a retro vanity set - even though I have no vanity table, nowhere to put it, and wouldn't use it. I just want it! This would be the sort of thing exactly: