Adling a Laugh

18:27:00 MoonDoggie 2 Comments

I was alerted to this gorgeous Jonathan Adler spoon rest by Retro To Go.    I love the shape, I love the colours and I love the pattern.  It is available in green, pink/orange and blue HOWEVER... £38, Mr Adler?  Surely, you jest?

I played 'Guess the Price' with my husband and his friend. After much discussion about what a spoon rest was and who would need one, the top estimate was 'a tenner' (£10).

I perused the 'new' section and found this funky elephant butter dish:

A steal at £68!

But the craziest of all was the x-bench in vice tangerine:

Take a wild guess before you read on...

Did you guess £645?  Probably not.

The write up tickled my funny bone - "You would be mad not to have two X-Benches under a console or opposite your sofa".  Really? Surely buying ONE at that price would be mad?

All available at Jonathan Adler UK.


  1. The spoon rest is $38 here in the US, the butter dish $68 and the bench $595. Don't those prices roughly convert to £24, £43 and £380? You must be getting slammed with import charges!

  2. This happens so often Dana. They just seem to change the $ sign to a £ sign - don't even think other charges are responsible as it happens in so many different situations.