Ace Venturo

19:25:00 MoonDoggie 5 Comments

I meant to blog about this fab little pad ages ago.  It was pinned to pinterest which led me to the site which held the original 1971 brochure!  Designed in Finland as an easily transportable modular building system, it unfortunately appears to have flopped.  I'm not sure how this happened - it has a SAUNA, people!

There are also pictures of one which has survived til today (albeit used for a different purpose than it was originally intended).


  1. How cool! Too bad they went bust.

  2. Very interesting... I really like it

  3. Hey, stranger!
    Sorry I haven't been coming round. Life... Ain't it a bitch sometimes? Anyway, I really DIG this portable pad. And the brochure is just as groovy. I swear I could look at stuff like that for hours on end! Especially if there're "models" included just lounging about and/or galavanting around in their swimwear. ;)

  4. Hey it's ok Anthony - I haven't been around much either. I'm hoping that will change... :)