High (school) Fashion

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I came across these pics a while ago (via Miss Moss). Photographer, Arthur Shatz, took his camera to a high school in 1969 and now we are able to marvel at the time capsule images.  The photo above is my favourite. I love her whole look, as well as the girl behind her in the dress, but that hat is to die for.

Here are some more highlights:

This one time at band camp, I wore a groooooovy outfit. 
 I adore the pattern on this maxi dress.

I would so rock this look. I have been actively searching for red bellbottoms for some time now.

 Woah!  She's funky and she knows it.

 I'm swooning over these dresses and necklaces. Not sure I could pull of the harlequin tights though.

Well, hey there - come over and join us in fashion corner!

If you'd like to see more you can go to the LIFE photo archive hosted by google.  (Select 1960s and search for Arthur Shatz.)  I'm going to nosey about the archives and see what else I can come up with.


  1. Thanks for the blast from the past. I rocked some of those clothes myself back in the day. Great post.

  2. Loved this post...Looks like my college days.

  3. How fun! You know, I half expected to see Marcia Brady somewhere in the background. She certainly would have fit right in! But I don't have to tell YOU that... ;)