Wait'll You See My Gidget

12:14:00 MoonDoggie 2 Comments

It's that time of year again.  The time where I want to watch all the episodes of Gidget back to back or at least have it on in the background while I get on with other stuff.  It's so bright and cheery and colourful that it gives me those happy, summery feelings.

This black and white photo of Sally Field is not bright, cheery or colourful but it still makes me want to rewatch every episode.  Sally Field - the perfect choice for the Gidget television series.


  1. Every weekend here in the US they repeat the Gidget show. I always, always think of you when I watch it. I saw it as a girl when it was "nearly new" (in new repeats, I'm not quite THAT old, almost!) and see it again, two shows every Saturday and Sunday. I guess I've seen them all about 20 times, but I still love watching it. :)

  2. Awww - that makes me feel so special that you think about me :) How are things down at the ranch (house) these days?