Hot Doggie Dining

12:50:00 MoonDoggie 2 Comments

I'm considering this kind of style chair and dining table (from IKEA) for my eating area, although it may still be a bit pricey for me.
I fancy the JAKOB chairs with coloured pads, perhaps a lime green - which seems to be my colour of the moment. I also think it needs some colour to spice it up a bit - which I've tried to illustrate by including the dodgy photoshop touch up.

Also, the DOCKSTA table seems a bit flimsy for the price, but it's the kind of style I'm after right now so let me know if you see anything similar!


  1. I have the docksta! It's slightly wobbly, needs tightening, but am still happy with it.

    Maybe you should check out eBay? I've found some amazing stuff on there - big and small :)

  2. Thanks for the info - good to know you're pleased with it.
    I really should get into eBay - I just worry about being taken for a ride by the more unsavoury types who frequent there.