The Beginning is the End...

20:10:00 MoonDoggie 3 Comments

Well, I'm not sure where I'm gonna be going with this blog but I'm currently really interested in home decor as I'm looking to buy a new house very soon.

Part of me feels foolish as we're still waiting on a piece of paper that says we're allowed to proceed and until then I shouldn't really be getting my hopes up. But hey, a gal can dream can't she?

I'm especially interested in mid century/modern design. I'm aware that the term modern can be confusing for the 'retro' look I'm into but that's what all the kids are calling it these days.

I suppose I'll kick this off by posting a bit of my current inspiration...

It's sleek, minimal and beautiful. It's also too expensive for me at the moment... we'll see....

In the meantime, I've began collecting for my British mod theme and found some real bargains in Matalan yesterday. A Union Jack door mat and a mod circle magnetic board.

I've also finally seen some fabric that I should be able to get my hands on... ikea! God, I love that place. Dave, however, seems to regard it as his own personal hell so I need to plan very carefully for my next trip there.

I also lurve this coffee table...


  1. Love the bottom pic. I started planning my home interior months before i even looked for my first house! Why not! My bloke also can't stand Ikea lol :)

  2. Such a shame when there's so many exciting things to find!
    I suppose I just worry that I'll be devestated if it turns out we can't get the funding and we're stuck in this tiny rented flat that we can't do anything with. I can't wait to finally make a place my own!

  3. "His own personal hell" - sounds like my husband's attitude toward Ikea, too! I, on the other hand, am with you two ladies! Ikea has cool style for those of us on a budget.