Boink, Boink!

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It doesn't get too much cooler than this...

I've always liked lounge music but was never really sure how to access it, aside from the 'tongue in cheek' kind of lounge by people like Frank Bennett and Richard Cheese. I've since been on a quest and discovered... Esquivel!

Esquivel! is widely regarded as the king of lounge music. I wanted to blog about him but now I'm here, I'm finding it very difficult to describe his music in a clever or eloquent way. I just want to nod my head and say 'cool', or 'far out man'.

I think it's best if you just let your ears hear the magic themselves. You can hear samples from the album 'space-age bachelor pad music' at and if you're curious about the title of this post, make sure you listen to 'Who's sorry now?'. It's quite a treat!

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