Tiki Timewarp

22:08:00 MoonDoggie 3 Comments

A while ago, I was browsing through the 'retro renovation' blog when I came across a video of tiki collector, Duke Carter. I have since become fascinated with the whole tiki phenomenon and find the whole thing really, really...neat.

The amazing postcard you see to the left was found on Arkiva Tropika of the Beachcomber bar under the Mayfair Hotel, London. I so wish I could've been a part of that whole scene in the Sixties.

When I finally get this ellusive house, I plan to have a tiki style housewarming party. Until then, I'll satisfy myself with searching for tiki decor items and memorabilia - vintage is best, naturally. I found this bunch on ebay and I've still got an eye out for the 'glowing ball in net' combo...

By the way, the Duke Carter I mentioned above appears to have authored a tiki collectors book called Tiki Quest, which looks pretty sweet.


  1. Yeah, I totally want that Tiki Quest book! The "glowing balls" are fishing floats. The original (and very expensive) ones were used in Japan and would be found floating around and washed up on beaches, as I understand it. Of course, now you can buy repros. Tiki hunting is fun, and once you start collecting, it's very difficult to be "done"! Are you a Flickr member? If so, check out the tiki, Tiki, TIKI! group.

  2. I'm trying to find a UK stockist for Tiki Quest (to avoid customs hassles).
    Thanks for the interesting info on the floats. I'll check out the tiki, Tiki, TIKI! group - sounds cool.

    I take it you're a collector? (with a name like Tikimama)

  3. Wannabe, novice-type collector, but fascinated by the era and subculture. Since I'm lucky enough to live in So. California, I've been able to have some luau-esque parties. I'll try to put up more photos of my tiki stuff on Flickr one of these days!