Stoned Immaculate

11:04:00 MoonDoggie 2 Comments

I happened along pics of someone's back garden a while ago and have since been on the look out for those decorative concrete blocks (apparently also called 'Stone Screens' that appear every now and then.

I guess it's partly why I liked the room dividing book shelves in one of my previous posts.

My grandparents used to have such a wall in their old house (in Australia) and I hope the new owners have kept it. Last time I went looking, I recognised the house from the walls so they are clearly a memorable design feature.

The pictures below were found through a google image search ("decorative concrete blocks"). The best compilation of this style I've seen so far has been at Very Vintage Vegas.

I haven't seen many in England but now that I'm looking for them I hope they'll crop up.


  1. Too funny! I read this post and thought you should know about the group on Flickr. Went to check out the name, to make sure I get it right, and my latest comments are from you! Hee fun; I was going to ask if you were on there. Anyhoo, the group is Concrete Block Walls and/or Architecture (and there's probably more than one, knowing Flickr people). Check it out for a TON of this stuff!

  2. I only joined because of the tiki, Tiki, TIKI! group you mentioned before and then saw the photostream link on your blog. :D
    Thanks for the heads up!