tiki, Tiki, TIKI!

22:00:00 MoonDoggie 2 Comments

OK, I feel it only fair to warn you that I have been bitten hard by the tiki bug.

I have spent the last few days practically obsessed with finding cool tiki stuff. I have seen loads but being in the UK limits availability (and cost effectiveness) a lot.

I have been teaching myself how to make nets in which to hang tiki lamp decorations and have even hassled my ever-suffering husband into painting something tiki-based for me - which is currently in progress.

I have been listening to tiki podcasts and have just ordered a tiki related book!

What's going on with me?? Sleek and stylish design will always be my first love but I'm fascinated by the whole tiki phenomenon. I have no room for a tiki collection but can't help but want to stockpile for leisurely luau-style garden parties that I plan to have in the future... some day.


  1. Oh, right up my alley. I know how you feel about the seeming contradiction between the simple, modern style and the extravagance of Tiki. But the "savage" and ethnic accents were very popular in mid-century modern design. Can't wait to see your husband's artwork! And thanks for the link about nets - can you believe I was just wondering how to do that, because my fishing floats' nets are disintegrating. If you'd like to send me your mailing address (elisafolino at gmail dot com), I'll send you a little tiki something!

  2. I can't wait to see my husband's artwork either - he's not exactly pro-tiki, so is dragging his feet a bit.
    Email is on the way! :D