The Art of Tiki III

18:14:00 MoonDoggie 3 Comments

My latest pride and joy - a new tiki painting by Ebbo!

Dave has put it up for sale but until then it will be hanging in my bedroom. The pictures really don't do it justice. You can find it featured in my etsy shop with his other work.

Being a shopkeeper is more hardwork than I thought! It's hard to take decent pics and it's taken me a while to get all Dave's art listed properly. The international postage thing has been confusing as well but I'm sure it'll all work out before long.

Now I can start to put other things up there as well. I'm going to start with the music/jewellery box I found on my first thrifting adventure. I really like it but I already have a large jewellery box I got for Christmas so I should really let someone else enjoy it.


  1. I really like his art. I paint also, but I can't paint this style for the life of me. This is really nice! I'm gonna check out your Etsy.

  2. My favorite so far! What are you thinking about charging for prints? I ask because I REALLY like his art, but don't have the cash for the originals (I wish!).

    Is it okay with you both if I make a link on my blog to your paintings?

  3. Thanks for the lovely comments guys!

    Still looking into print options but the startup costs seem a bit prohibitive at the moment. May charge about... $30?? Depends on sizes I suppose. You'll be the first to know!

    Of course, it's ok to link to them!! That would be brilliant :D