Bag Some Atomic Living Style

13:49:00 MoonDoggie 2 Comments

I adore these bags made by Atomic Livin'!
Here are some of my favourites being sold in her etsy shop.


  1. OMG! You find the best stuff! (Thanks for featuring my green warming tray in your Etsy Dreams!) I just went to check out her shop and I LOVE these bags. I think I will treat myself to one if I meet my goals next week - great incentive, huh?

    Do you let people know when you feature them on your blog? I know they'd love it, and it might reach some new readers, too!

  2. Moondoggie dear...

    Being new to all of this blogging stuff (and still not quite sure what it all means yet!), I'd been a bit reticent to dip my toe into the water... I finally decided to move away from the sewing machine and post to your retro-licious blog. :)

    Thanks much for posting my bags! I love them all so much, I could keep one each for me, but, what would hubby say when I took over his clothes closet to store them all?! :P

    I adore all things retro and enjoy reading your blogs. You inspire me! Ha! How many times can we say that we've inspired people?! It's a beautiful thing!

    Keep on posting the to-die-for finds and I'll get back to creating different yummy bags every week. :)

    Thanks for the interest from across the pond!