Etsy Betsy Moondoggie!

23:32:00 MoonDoggie 3 Comments

I've done it - I've finally set up an etsy shop!

There's only a couple of Dave's paintings on there at the moment until I'm able to take better photos (There's been some bad lighting conditions the last couple of days).

By the way, Dave will consider any painting requests - just ask!

I hope to put some of my finds on there too - the ones I can bear to part with, at least.

In case you're wondering, the photo is of my ancestor's coach building business - pretty swish, huh? Not sure who's who but the guy standing on the right looks a lot like my dad! Click it for a better look.

Wonder if old Mr Glaister would be proud ? His business blood coursing through my veins and all - ha!

Check out the Moondoggie emporium now! .... and later when I put more stuff on there :)


  1. Congratulations! The paintings look great, and I wish I had the cash to buy one! Are you sure about $10.00 shipping? After shipping to the U.K. the other day, I'm wondering if it might be higher. You can always just note that you need to get the correct amount based on the customer's location, then send them an adjusted invoice.

  2. Ha - you make that sound so easy lol
    We weighed them and used the royal mail's website as a guide - they seem to only go by weight rather than size.
    I will add a little note saying something like that but I just figured I'm willing to take a hit in postage for our first sale.

    It was really hard trying to price them - we compared them to others on sale but didn't want to price ourselves out of selling.
    I've looked into getting prints done but the initial setup scans are expensive (cheapest seen so far £25/$37). We decided to see what kind of interest he got first.

    Thanks for being so supportive - you're a star!

  3. Cool can wait for my commsioned painting :)