Googie Outside the US?

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Further to my post yesterday, I've been doing a bit more research - also known as 'changing the search terms I put into google'.

I am aware that Googie was largely (if not exclusively) an American phenomenon. However, I'm guessing the influence must have 'crossed the pond' at some point.

The signs in particular had and still have such a commercial appeal. I saw a Googie inspired sign in the midlands the other day. I wanted to take a photo but was driving - I'll get it next time, I promise.

The wide open spaces and car culture of Australia are more conducive to the Googie theme (or purpose) of 'catching the motorist's eye' that JEM 'n Tonic referred to in his comment. James Cook University in North Queensland, Australia was established in the 60s and the building designs reflect this. But I'm not really sure if it can be classed as 'Googie'.

Another university building, this time in Manchester, England, that seems to have been influenced by Googie is affectionately and/or mockingly known as 'The Toastrack'.

Is it a coincidence these pics are university buildings? An attempt to be seen by the universities as cutting edge? The other most common modern buildings here in England seem to be car parks and apartment buildings - inline with both the car and human population increase at the time, I presume.
There are also the same dangers to modern buildings over here as in the US. Even the photographer who posted the above photo calls the building a monstrosity and has tagged it as an 'eyesore'.
Preservation seems to focus mainly on Victorian/Edwardian buildings. Remember, also that these were the buildings seen as eyesores and a barrier to progress in the 60s. Funnily enough, I found an online article about this topic. It was written 2 years ago so the buildings they talk about may very well be gone now. The comments are interesting to read as well. Read the article here.

I can see both sides of the argument, honestly I can, but is tearing down an old building to replace it with yet another Tesco Supermarket really progress?


  1. You are some dedicated researcher! This is very interesting info.

    Driving a car keeps you from taking a photo? Hmmm!

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  3. Moondoggie sure is a researching fool. Now I am trying to find JUST ONE Googie example in England.

  4. Fool isn't intended in a negative connotation.

  5. ha ha - its ok JEM, I know what you meant :)


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