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I've always loved Googie - I just didn't know it had a name.

Even now I know its name, it can still be quite hard to put a finger on what Googie is. Sure, there's the more spectacular designs which are quite blatantly Googie (and these are fabulous) but today I've been looking at some more subtle variations. Then again perhaps they're not so subtle.

I'm currently reading Googie Redux by Alan Hess. For more info on the style, Googie Architecture Online is a great starting point.

Or you could just sit back and enjoy some images...

As you can see, I'm still into the whole brick/stone look.

Oh and I'd like to just say one more time before I go... Googie.


  1. I wonder if the inventors of Google like Googie?? ;)

    Does Googie exist in England? Because you know I live in the heartland of all things Googie! I'll make sure to take photos the next time I run across a building in this style. Of course, like many things of the era in America, many have already been destroyed or are in danger. There are actually people fighting valiantly to save these buildings.

    This one is in my husband's hometown:

  2. That's the thing - I'm yet to come across any examples of the architecture - a few googie style signs here and there but that's about it.

    It's hard enough for me to find the 'regular' type of mid mod architecture I love over here. There are a few examples but they seem few and far between - I'm still looking though.

    It's sad these gorgeous buildings are disappearing - I saw on flickr one particularly nice house (and a few others) were demolished and they looked just as good before they were demolished as they were in the vintage photo. Seems so pointless. :(

  3. MoonDoggie, from what I remember from reading online, you will have a hard time finding the Googie style in England. The short of it is, the Googie style started with the Space Age (trying to get to the moon) anticipation. Another big reason that Googie was so big in the states is because, for the first time almost every house in the States had a car in the drive way. Many people then began to go on vacation driving across the country. Due to the outlandish, bright colors, and eye catching design, this style was utilized in many of the grocery store, restruants, motels, and entertainment areas. From what I understand, England wasn't as big into the space race, nor did many people travel long distances by cars at the time. Therefore, England has very few Googie style buildings. Not to mention in the States, there is the "why use what's old when we can build new or tear down mentality", which England doesn't seem to have. From my reading that is.

    There is also another style of Googie that specifically applies to apartment homes that is much simpler, and that is Digbat architecture. Search Flickr or Google and you will find a lot of photos.

  4. Thanks Tikimama, my mind runs faster than the fingers some times.

  5. I've heard of some subdued UK Googie for roadside gas stations and restaurants, but mostly Brits like Reyner Banham, David Hockney and Richard Rogers came to Los Angeles to see the real thing back in the '60s. If you find anything over there, be sure to post photos.