Modernism Rediscovered

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Well, I'll never convince 'the husband' but I've found my new dream book.

I was browsing through flickr and came across a gorgeous black and white photo of children playing outside a gorgeous mid century home.

A few things stood out to me.

I LOVE the bike and other period toys scattered around.

The early evening lighting lends a certain atmosphere to the picture. It reminds me of playing outside as the sun went down, not wanting to come inside.

Then I look closer and see a girl playing with her pram inside. I notice that one of the boys is absorbed in a book. Wonderful.

I noticed it was taken from a book called Modernism Rediscovered by Julius Shulman and there were a few more images from the book on ouno's photostream - just as (or almost as) wonderful. "I want this book" I said to myself and popped on over to amazon uk to find it comes in three lovely hard back books at the cost a mere £199.99 (marked down from £200 - bargain).

As much as I love books, I can't really justify spending that much. But I added it to my wish list. Oh, yes I did.

As I researched Julius Shulman, who is, it turns out, a very well known architectural photographer, I then came across this photograph (on CORSIWORLD's photostream) which made me gasp...

Simply stunning.


  1. Isn't he amazing? I believe (and someone will correct me if I'm wrong) that the last photo is one of his iconic photos of a house in L.A. He also has some very famous ones of a house in Palm Springs, which is thankfully now owned by people who treasure it and have restored it. I think they also own Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater - life is fair? No way!

    MoonDoggie, the more I read your blog, the more I think you need to come for a visit! Right now there is an exhibit of Shulman's photos of Fullerton, CA, where I went to college and lived for several years. I'm planning to go sometime soon. I had no idea he worked in "my" area! Here's a link:

  2. First off, Tikimama, you are correct about the second photo. What's notable about his work is, Shulman has taken most (and I do mean most) of the photos of the Most famous Mid-Century Modern "Case Study" homes for the Mid-Century Modern movement in it's original years. Case Study homes are a BIG Deal and therefore, it is notable that Mr Shulman was employed to always shoot them.

  3. I totally agree, simply stunning. Reminds me of Shag's artwork. Makes me wonder if this last house is the actual setting for one of his pieces. I know you know him, but just in case you want to get a glimpse of him right now :

    Great posting woman !!!!!

  4. Oh, thanks for the listing of my blog amidstmod on your blog list as well. I keep forgetting to tell you thanks. That may just merit a gift. When I get to the States in August we will see. Thanks

  5. I'm back...please take a look around, I just posted something about the second photograph on my blog and a link to yours :) See ya!

  6. Thought I should add the write up attached to the photo (found on Corisworld's flickr stream - click the photo in post for link):

    May 9, 1960. One of the landmark images in the history of modern architecture: Julius Shulman's nighttime shot of Ann Lightbody and Cynthia Murfee in Case Study House No. 22, the Stahl residence in the Hollywood Hills, overlooking Sunset Boulevard. Architect: Pierre Koenig.

    The photo, taken with a Swiss-made Sinar 4x5 view camera, is a double exposure: Seven minutes for the background, then a flash shot for the interior, the house lights having been replaced with flashbulbs.

  7. Tikimama - believe me, I really DO want to visit! Thanks for the exhibit link.

    JEM - No probs - Thanks for including me too.

    Veronica - I do know and LOVE Shag. Wish his prints weren't so darn expensive.

  8. OOpsss, sorry about that, I just made the correction on my blog post.

    See ya !