Pass the Swizzle Sticks

22:53:00 MoonDoggie 2 Comments

Here are some cool, vintage, cocktail bars I found on ebay.
The first g-plan looked a tad dull at first but it looked a lot cooler when opened. I'm really into curved furniture at the moment. This seems to be reflected in my choice of bars here.
I keep changing my mind about which one I like the most ... although I'm leaning towards the white one with the quilted padding. It's all academic though really as none of them would fit into my home at the moment.
Which is your favourite?

And for the tiki fans among us, I thought this was quite a cool bamboo drinks trolley for a tiki lounge.


  1. I really like the bottom bar, the brown one. It has a nice late 50's, or early 60's "Rat Pack" look about it.

  2. Oh, he beat me to it - I like the last one, too!

    And I must have that trolley - it would match my bar perfectly. Gotta remember to post pix of my tiki "area" (since it's not really a room).