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Now, anyone reading this who has known me for a while (I know you're out there lurking!) will be very shocked to hear this news... I have a sewing machine!!!

I've spent so long looking at etsy and all the crafty blogs out there, that when I read a message on the board at work offering a free sewing machine to a good home, I actually thought about it.

I have NEVER been one partial to sewing - despite my mum's best efforts I avoided it like the plague. However, since I'm miles away from her and have no one to hem my trousers for me, I have found myself thinking from time to time, "if I had a sewing machine..."

So, I now have a sewing machine in my possession. Mind you, I have NO idea how to use it so until I find the time to get my head around it, it will stay in the boot of my car.

I think my first project will be to make a headband with some funky retro/vintage fabric. I found a pattern on the mmmcrafts' blog. This lady's really talented. Check out her Baby Binky Bunnies - they're almost too cute.

Before I go, I really must comment on the picture accompanying this post. 'Mom' actually looks a bit unimpressed with her present to me. "Gee, thanks...a sewing machine...". It's as if the family have played a cruel joke on her. 'Dad' looks smug, like he got one over on her and Junior seems to be laughing fiendishly. But maybe it's just me...


  1. I hope your sewing machine gets more use than mine did. I grew up with a mom that sewed, am about as interested in vintage clothing as I am in art. I thought: Hey! If I get a machine I could dart my pants to look real sleek. Yeah... so a year later the machine went back to my mom as I was shopping for Sta-prest slacks at Jump the Gun and Penguin shirts. I hadn't even opened the tape. Who knows, maybe one day I'll get around to it.

    I see what you're saying about the photo

  2. Ha ha! I've got two sewing machines (three, if you count the one in our old house). Grew up knowing how to sew, and have all sorts of grand plans to make clothing for myself using the big collection of vintage patterns I have.

    Too bad we aren't close, and we could have a sewing club! I'll try to refer you to some of the sites/blogs I've found that might be helpful.

    And, yeah, "Mom" in the photo looks like she's thinking, "What I really wanted was a weekend at the spa with the girls, but no, I get a machine to slave over making more clothes and crap for the rest of YOU!" But I'm sure she was very gracious!