Tiki Surprise!

13:13:00 MoonDoggie 4 Comments

Look what arrived for me...

A surprise gift from the fabulous Tikimama!

I think my favourite is Jake (the green one) followed closely by Lenny (the brownish one), but I love em all! They look so imposing and fierce in this photo I took.

Thanks again, Tikimama - you're the best! These guys will certainly help me kick off my tiki mug collection in style. Mind you my collection plans are a bit hush hush at the moment as hubby dearest has not yet fully embraced the tiki culture, although painting them seems to have certainly warmed his heart to them.

My plan is to slowly acquire various 'quality' tiki items so that when he eventually realises what has happened it'll be too late for him to do anything about it... mwahahahaha!

Until then I will use the lure of alcohol to persuade him of the merits of a tiki lifestyle. Now to find a good Mai Tai recipe...


  1. You are so welcome! Glad you like them and they will inspire you to collect more tiki.

    Now, I'm sure I've got a drink book or two around here somewhere...I'll get back to you.

  2. My favourite is the brown one! Very cool. The tiki thing is still pretty new to me though... :)

    How lovely tikimama!

  3. Just as a suggestion, if you like the tiki thing a lot, you should check out www.derekart.com as well. He designs a lot of stuff like that to sell.

    By the way, that was SUPER AMABLE of you Tikimama

  4. Just one more I promise. The pieces that Derek Yaniger design are for sale with a lot of other stuff at www.tikifarm.com/. So, there you go.