Boot Sale Bargains

17:03:00 MoonDoggie 4 Comments

Popped in to another car boot sale this morning. Not that much there (of interest to me), except this plate.

It is an Alfoldi porcelain plate from Hungary and in flawless condition. It was covered in dirt and muck but it cleaned up beautifully. It reminded me straight away of some of the plates I featured this week. I'm trying to find out a little more about it but hope to put it in the vintage section of my etsy (and misi) shop very soon.
Also, I have family visiting throughout the week (and I'm going on a trip to York) so posts may be a bit sparse but I'll try and update whenever I can. Enjoy your weekends!


  1. That plate is beautiful. Isn't it fun to find a treasure hidden under muck?

    Have fun with your family and we'll look forward to your posting about York!

  2. That's a neat plate, reminds me of something...
    I think the pattern is similar to what is seen on some Pennsylvania Dutch hex signs. Or it has elements, anyway.
    You certainly found a diamond-in-the-rough!

  3. Good find, I would have no idea how to recognize the plate pedigree, be it in car boots or auction houses. Moondoggie reminds me of a name from a Gidget movie.

  4. Hi Clarity, thanks for commenting. Hate to shatter the illusion that I know anything about this stuff but I actually got that info from the back of the plate!
    I just know what I like! :D

    Thanks to the ol' faithfuls for commenting too ;)