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I love this picture of my husband with his uncle when he was just a little tyke. It was probably taken about 1982 but the wallpaper and decor make it seem like it's still in the 70s. Dig that crazy wallpaper! This was taken at his nan's place. She still has the tiles around the [electric] fireplace but the wallpaper is gone. Dave's uncle still sits in exactly the same place but with a different chair :)

I think the thing about the 70s (and earlier) is that they had all these funky designs but the problem is they threw them all together at once. Great fun to look at now though.

If you have a family pic you'd like to share, I'd love to see it!

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  1. The other thing about decor in the 70s, was that it incorporated LOTS of brown, as we can see in this pic! Your husband WAS very cute in his brown overalls, however.
    It's quite a happy shot!

  2. Where's Biba? She's gonna love that wallpaper!

    What a cute pic of the two of them! Your husband looks like he had a happy childhood.

    And I think that the proliferation of the browns and other earth tones in the 70s was part of the nature movement in contrast to the fascination with all things automatic/electronic/space-age of the 50s.

  3. One thing is for sure... No one in the late 60's and early 70's worried about their house or personal fashion looking too drab. I mean how much more drab can you get then gold green, gold, orange and brown?

    It seems that the world lost a huge section of the color pallet in during that time period, but then of course in the 80's they lost all but the fluorescent colors. We just can't win!

  4. Oh, Jem, that's not true! In the 80s we had pastels, too! :)